Real Estate Loan: Why compare loan offers?

The loan offer issued by a bank is determined by several criteria, which can significantly influence the total cost of the home loan. Not to mention that this cost can be very variable, from one organization to another. That’s why it’s important to use a credit broker to compare them and choose the most appropriate solution.

What conditions a loan offer from the bank?

 What conditions a loan offer from the bank?

Beyond the nature of the purchase itself, the criteria studied, to make a loan offer, are as follows:

– The study of income : the bank studies the “rest to live”, namely the share of income that remains once the borrowing costs deducted. Some organizations also look at the family’s household quotient and future expenses.

– The profile of the borrower : through a “scoring”, the bank establishes the level of risk that it represents. For this, she studies several criteria, such as personal contribution, work situation, loan duration, family situation, age … Each organization has its own evaluation grid.

At the same time, the bank is studying data that are difficult to quantify, which will nevertheless have an impact on this scoring. For example, with the last 3 statements of current account, she knows the possible incidents of payment, but also the capacity of the borrower to save …

The notion of instant T in an offer

The notion of instant T in an offer

Regardless of these criteria, a bank’s lending offer is determined by the bank’s commercial policy and the rate applied at the time of issue. For example, is it in a rather “aggressive” phase, with a stated desire to earn credits on a particular profile? In which case, she will tend to make beautiful proposals …

Especially at the rate level. You should know that the rate is built on the basis of a moment T. For example, in the current context of rising rates, a borrower will pay his mortgage more expensive in February (average rate at 1.49%) that in January (average rate at 1.38%).

Not to mention that the rate remains different from one region to another. A gap that could have a significant impact on the total cost of credit.

The need to compare: Why call a broker?

 The need to compare: Why call a broker?

The use of a credit broker can put you into debt over the next X years in the best conditions – whether in terms of the rate or guarantees. Its role is to accompany you until the signing of a negotiated loan offer in the best terms.

For this, he carefully studies your file, determining its strengths and weaknesses. Then, he contacts the banks most likely to follow you. When issuing proposals, it can help you compare them, because the rate alone is not enough to determine the best. It is important to take a closer look at insurance conditions, the cost of which greatly affects the total cost of credit. All these criteria explain why there can be very large gaps between two offers.

Loan over 75 years: with us it is possible!



Loan over 75 years? With us it’s possible! Request a free consultation immediately, within 24 hours you will be contacted by one of our consultants. To speed up the request for a quote, fill out the form using the form accessible from this link. Prioritize your request.

For all financial customers, the age of the customer is an essential datum for determining both the feasibility and the amount of the loan that can be granted.

Some financial institutions and banks evaluate financing requests as long as the client, at the end of the loan, does not have to exceed 75 years of age. Through our society, on the other hand, it is possible to exceed this threshold and extend the funding up to the age of 85. Therefore even a 77-year-old can apply for a loan with a duration of up to 8 years.


Who is aimed of this loan?

loan 75

The loan over 75 years is aimed at pensioners, earning an income exceeding € 600.00 per month. INPS, INPDAP, ENASCARCO pensions are considered (excluding civil pensions, INAIL annuities).

The maximum amount that can be requested is subject to the monthly income received, therefore the maximum repayable installment cannot exceed 20% of the monthly net income.

If for example, Mr. Mario receives a pension of 1300 euros, the maximum monthly repayable installment cannot exceed 260 euros per month. Regarding the duration, as mentioned before, we must respect the 85-year limit, so a 75-year-old can apply for a loan of up to 120 months while a 77-year maximum of 84 months.



loans online

Therefore you are still young to enjoy your free time. Requesting a loan over 75 years will help you carry out your projects, managing the repayment of installments in a peaceful manner.

After submitting the request, within a few hours, you will be contacted by a consultant to verify the feasibility of the request and in the case of feasibility, you will evaluate our best solutions. Once the budget is accepted, we’ll take care of everything else.


Personal Payday Loan Without Red Tape

Looking for the loan that fits in your pocket? Make the Personal Payday Loan! The most famous loan in Brazil. Ask for the Personal Payday Loan and pay all your debts in one go. Do not overdraft, apply for your Personal Payday Loan now. With interest rates starting at 1.9% per month Place your order anywhere, Personal Payday Loan 100% online! The Fast, Easy and Secure Loan!

What is a Personal Payday Loan?

What is a Personal Payday Loan?

Personal Payday Loan is one of the most sought after financial services offered by authorized banks or financial institutions. Among the main reasons for seeking a Personal Payday Loan are: renovating the home, traveling, investing in studies or starting a business of your own. But the predominant reason remains the payment of debts or solve any other type of financial difficulty. To make an order is easy, fill in your data, choose the value and number of parcels.

After being approved by a partner, the money is deposited into your checking account or savings within 48 business hours. Remember that when opting for Personal Payday Loan you will have to bear the interest rates that vary between financial institutions.

Soon after the Personal Payday Loan is approved and the amount is deposited in your checking account or savings you can use it as you wish. However, it is necessary that the loan applicant is planned to be able to pay the installments, being able to pay up to 36 times this loan. You can also opt for automatic debit, so the chance of becoming defaulter is minimal or if it is more convenient the payment can be made through the use of checks or bank statements.

  • See how simple it is to start your Personal Payday Loan application.

    See how simple it is to start your Personal Payday Loan application.

    You fill out the application on our website. We will forward your request to our partners and, if your profile is accepted, you keep in touch directly with the bank or the financial partner. You can receive up to 10 loan offers so you can choose the one that fits in your pocket.
    All this process is done with security and protection, remembering that we never ask for fees or any type of deposits anticipated.

  • Why apply for a Personal Payday Loan?

     It is not possible to make predictions of our future emergencies, right? So being financially prepared in case this happens may be your best option. Lending helps you find the best rates in the market, with just one click you complete your loan application and get your loan application done.
    In our page you fill in your data, choose the amount of your loan and the installments that you can afford. In a quick and easy way you can do your planning and ensure extra money for your future projects. This makes it easier to get your Personal Payday Loan on time.

  • Should I Compare My Personal Payday Loan Options?

    Currently in the market there are various interest rates, where not always the manager of your bank can offer the best, so you need to do a simulation of Personal Payday Loan in several places to have access to interest rates. But here comes the doubt “where to make Personal Payday Loans?”. At Lending you can receive up to 10 offers from our partners and choose the best rate. This way you save time and get a Personal Payday Loan with the best conditions in the market. Imagine that interest rates start at 1.9% and can reach up to 18% of interest, making the order with us will be in your hands to choose the best offer. NEVER charged for early deposits, guarantor fee, negative rate or any other type of prepayment.

  • Why choose Lending?

    Why choose Lending? Only at Lending can you compare more than 10 loan options to your Personal Payday Loan with just one registration. We do this all for free, where after your profile is approved you will maintain a contact directly with the bank or with the authorized financial. These financial institutions will enable you to make your Personal Payday Loan without bureaucracy. We trust you, in Lending negative clients also have chances of getting a loan. We have exclusive partners who serve customers in this profile. It should be noted that no amount is charged by the services of Lending. Interest rates and installment payments are made directly with banks or financial institutions. 

    Lending is a banking correspondent who has been working in Brazil since 2016, with our own platform we have been able to find the best rates and types of loan for you, and of course help you find a Personal Payday Loan. We forward your request to trusted partners. This way you can close a good deal, approving your Personal Payday Loan more easily. We work with different types of entrepreneur profiles, expanding your business. Simply that your loan is prioritized., it is past time to stop stressing by looking for the best rates on the market.