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According to the research conducted for the National Debt Register, Poles definitely do not shy away from short-term loans. These fast micro-credits, granted without creditworthiness tests, gained interest from every tenth citizen of our country. It is quite easy to notice that we have not developed the habit of putting up money and it is difficult to save money. However, even postponing a small amount from our income, it happens that we will have an unexpected expense – it’s a normal matter. Using check-ups via the Internet is completely safe and convenient, but let’s remember to read the obligations that we intend to keep. Research has reported that the majority of Poles, even taking a loan, do not even read the contract! Let us make sure that we do not belong to this majority.

Safe check-ups via the Internet

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Let’s not be afraid of the minute – using them is completely normal and safe, also via the Internet. This option is even much more convenient, but we must remember to get to know exactly what we are deciding on. Research by the National Bank of Poland shows that last year about 10 percent. Poles have decided on a loan, and as many as one quarter of these people have no idea what they have signed. Our countrymen do not read contracts, they do not know what they are deciding, which causes considerable financial problems in the future – in this situation even a small loan may end up in bankruptcy. The topic is publicized, activities aimed at sensitizing borrowers are carried out, but unfortunately Poles still do not know how to safely use payday debts over the Internet.

Fortunately, the non-banking company CashMan comes to the rescue, which focuses on transparency and clear conditions. Remember, however, that even simple and transparent conditions should be read – unfortunately, many of us do not. We must necessarily use the offers of companies that are trustworthy – only then we have a guarantee of a successful transaction. Before making a decision, let’s calculate what the real cost of micro-credit will be, let’s not forget about interest. CashMan found a simple solution for this – five packages of payday loans via the Internet, based on specific amounts – the lowest loan of up to PLN 1,500 is free, subject to repayment on time. The loan amount can be put on a convenient, intuitive slider, which will show us how much we borrow and how much we will give back. Thanks to this we know exactly how much we decide. Finally, let’s remember to read all the provisions of the contract and the regulations we agree on – without it! In spite of how important this matter, many of us neglect such agreements – to agree to specific conditions, we must know what we agree on. Let’s not forget about it.

Moments via the Internet – for unexpected expenses

Moments via the Internet - for unexpected expenses

The purposes for which we make loans are the most diverse. Sudden renovation, failure of home appliances, car, holidays, holidays… A one-way Internet can be taken for anything – it’s a completely normal matter, provided we do it in a safe way. The great advantage of such microcredit is that they are available from the very beginning, also via the Internet. Thanks to CashMan, money can be found instantly on our account – it is sometimes necessary in an emergency situation. However, we appeal for caution – getting acquainted with the terms and interest rates. As much as 55 percent indebted people in the non-banking sector can not even calculate the cost that they actually agreed to incur. We do not make decisions on impulse, lightheartedly, but with our head. CashMan has simplified all communications, making them more understandable for the recipient – do not forget to read them. Be sure to make sure that your debt is repaid in a timely manner – exceeding the deadline may have unpleasant financial consequences.

Do not be afraid to pay by the Internet

Do not be afraid to pay by the Internet

Despite the bad fame, a minute is really a safe solution – of course, if we make a judicious decision. In the event of uncertainty, it is better to refrain from making a decision or simply contact the company to clarify a specific issue. With CashMan, you can contact the helpline 221-220-221 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00. We also invite you to contact us using the contact form – we will gladly answer all inquiries. The questions most frequently asked by clients can also be found in the “Frequently Asked Questions” – it’s worth looking at, maybe we can find the answer to the question that’s bothering us. Thanks to this knowledge, we can opt for a microcredit and sleep peacefully!

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