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Indie Pomeroy, 9

Hi, my name is Indie. I’m 9 years old and I’m going to tell you about a living furball aka my dog, Jack. If you want to know what it looks like, just imagine the perfect marshmallow. My mom saved him from a hoarding situation. When we first got it, it was all tied up and stank like hell. At first Jack was really shy but seemed more comfortable when we were given treats. He didn’t want to come near me so I decided to trace a treat trail towards me, but when he got to my hand, he went to get the bag of treats. Another memorable moment is when he pounced on me for the first time. If you want to know how it happened, it was when I was eating crisps on the couch, and well he wanted one. It surprised me so much that I practically threw the bowl across the room.

Jack is 3 years old and has lived with us for about 2 years. He sleeps with my mother, but he walks into my room and wakes me up by throwing himself on my bed and sometimes in my face. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a snack because he keeps trying to eat my fingers.

He has a basket full of toys that he never plays with. They are actually quite cute. One of them is a little lamb, and there are some cute monster toys and a tug of war rope. Speaking of her toys, I actually have a ball in my purse that I thought I should give her, but decided to keep it to myself as a stress ball.

Jack loves walks but hates putting on his leash. My mom has to take it for a walk because she thinks I might drop the leash. Also, if you are asked to sit a puppy for us, don’t leave Jack off a leash when you take a walk, because he will run away. It is a good idea to keep it away from cat food. I’m serious, he’s going to demolish it. He doesn’t know how to do tricks like turn around, sit or play dead, but he knows how “be cute” that’s just him being… well him.

I always wanted a dog. I thought it would be a big dog and sleep in my room and I would be responsible for everything except maybe dog poop. Jack is a little dog, and I’m only responsible for giving him thumbs and fingers to chew and I’m sometimes responsible for dog poop, which is a bummer, but Jack is a perfect fit for me and my family.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Indie Pomeroy is 9 years old and writes for 8-18 Media. This is his first column for 8-18 Media.

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