Connecticut high school hockey player dies after accidentally hit by opponent’s skate

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A 10th-grade Connecticut hockey player has died after another player’s skate cut his neck, school officials and police say. St. Luke’s School, one of the teams involved, identified the player as Teddy Balkind on Friday.

The incident occurred Thursday during a game between the Brunswick School junior varsity team and St. Luke’s. Balkind fell onto the ice and the player who ultimately cut it couldn’t stop before impact, Greenwich Police Captain Mark Zuccerella said on Friday. The game was stopped at that time, as Balkind was taken to Greenwich Hospital.

Brunswick school principal Thomas Philip echoed Zuccerella’s sentiment, saying observers found the game “quite normal and mundane in the game of hockey” in a statement.

“I want to commend our medical, management and security staff for all they did under the most dire circumstances to support the boy until the ambulance arrived,” Philip wrote, according to the PA.

To mourn the loss of Balkind, St. Luke’s school principal Mark Davis said he would open the school building to the public on Friday afternoon despite a snowstorm canceling classes that day -the.

“Our community is in mourning,” said Davis, according to the Hartford Current. “Yesterday we lost a precious young man in a tragic accident. St. Luke School and Brunswick School are in shock as we work to support our students and families. St. Luke’s singular purpose right now is taking care of our devastated community. “

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