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WILLIAMSPORT – Acquiring properties in South Williamsport for possible future Habitat for Humanity construction sites is one step closer to reality as Lycoming County Commissioners approved reallocation of some of the grant funds 2020 community development plan for the borough.

The funds, totaling $ 97,836, had been earmarked as part of the borough’s slum burn elimination program, according to Kristen McLaughlin, senior program analyst at SEDA-COG.

Several years of funding are still available for the slum blight program, but borough officials have decided that the funding should be reallocated to acquire the land on Clark Street which could potentially be subdivided and used by Habitat. to build four houses.

The proposal to transfer the funds will now go to the state for final approval, McLaughlin said. The money does not go directly to Habitat, but will be used by the borough to buy the property that will be used for the houses.

“A lot of communities are stuck with limits where they can’t grow, so the only way to get more money is to tax. “ said Commissioner Tony Mussare, speaking of the proposed project, which has the potential to add properties to the borough’s tax roll.

“We have to honestly look at how we are going to handle this in the future for these communities, especially if you see an elderly population or a population that has limitations on their savings,” he added.

A number of boroughs in the county have vacant lots, McLaughlin noted, but they are in floodplain areas and cannot be developed.

Commissioners’ approval of a sub-recipient agreement with the West Branch Regional Authority will free up $ 136,563 for a lateral sewer program in Muncy, Montgomery, Clinton Township and Muncy Creek Township.

There are income requirements for residents who are eligible for assistance to fund sewer lateral works in these municipalities. McLaughlin told commissioners that building a secondary sewer can cost anywhere from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

A resolution authorizing the submission of a municipal aid program application to the state’s Department of Economic and Community Development for a matching grant of $ 100,000 was approved by the Commissioners. The funding would be used to update zoning ordinances in county municipalities.

“We have often mentioned how having zoning ordinances for our municipal zoning partners who participate in the county makes it easy for developers to come and know where they can invest. Also, some of the changes we’ve made over the years when creating the zoning service to make the zones attractive for business and investment – that’s part of our focus here, ” said Commissioner Rick Mirabito.

Updating the ordinance manual would make it easier for developers to understand, according to Mark Haas, of the county’s planning and community development department.

“It will also reduce the time taken to process things because, as they see it is easier to understand, they will submit a more complete and thorough proposal.” Haas said.

“What it also does is first of all to reduce the cost for the applicant. Instead of having to pay a lawyer to go through a 250-page document, the applicant may in fact be able to initiate it on their own ”, said Mirabito.

“The other thing is can you imagine going to the Zoning Hearing Panel and you think you’ve come across all the marks and then all of a sudden someone says, yes, but on page 130 you forgot you must have bumper guards or something. It really is an effort to try to bring us into the 21st century ”, he added.

Under the personnel items. Commissioners approved: Christie L. Shimp, Temporary Sheriff’s Office Special Projects, $ 24.55 per hour to not exceed 250 hours per year; Eric T. Spiegel, Deputy Chief Sheriff, salary $ 60,231; Tina L. Jedrziewski, Administrative Specialist in the Commissioners’ Office, $ 15.75; Jessica Segraves, director of human resources, salary $ 88,000; Christopher Dreese, relief officer, full-time, $ 17.90 per hour; Daniel Hartman, Registrar III of the Register and Registrar’s Office, $ 14.99 per hour; Donald Barrett, Deputy County Detective, part-time, $ 23.66 per hour, not to exceed 1,000 hours per year; and Kaitlyn D. Corman, full-time family relations officer, salary of $ 38,166.

The next Commissioners’ meeting will be on January 11 at 10 a.m. in the Commissioners Council Chamber, 1st Floor, Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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