Old Colony athletic director Matt Trahan receives service award


Behind every great team there is an even better leader.

Old Colony’s Vincent Ryan Gymnasium banners represent exceptional athletic programs throughout its history.

They are more than championships. They show a team that came together as one and accomplished a great feat, while creating unforgettable memories on the way to history.

Athletic directors are the backbone to make this all possible.

The courage, determination and hard work behind the scenes by athletic director Matt Trahan allow Old Colony student-athletes to thrive in their respective sports.

The Massachusetts High School Athletic Directors Association (MSSADA) has named Trahan the recipient of its 2021-2022 NIAAA Distinguished Service “Inside The Field of Athletics” award.

This award is given to the athletic director who is recognized for his length of service, special accomplishments and contributions to sports administration at the local, state and national levels.

“I am touched and honored to have the opportunity to work with so many great people,” said Trahan.

Trahan successfully ran an Old Colony athletic program throughout his tenure at the small vocational school. Under his leadership, the Cougars have won two Walter J. Markham Awards under him – in the 2017-18 and 2019-20 school years.

Trahan’s personal rewards consist of:

  • -Sports Director of the Year in Massachusetts (2018-2019)
  • -Recipient of the Southcoast Emerging Leader Award (2017)
  • -Mayflower Athletic Conference Coach of the Year (Basketball – 2016 and 2017)
  • -District “D” Sports Director of the Year (2010)
  • -Mayflower Athletic Conference AD ​​of the Year (2009,2011,2013)
  • – Ted Damko Award Winner (2009)

Trahan has sat on a number of athletic boards. He is also the Cougars college basketball coach. His accomplishments are impressive, but it is his presence as a leader that separates him from the rest.

Old Colony athletic director Matthew Trahan was a 2017 SouthCoast Emerging Leader nominee.

“There are no better words to describe it [Trahan] when I say he’s the definition of a class act and a family man, “said Jake Jason, 2019 Old Colony graduate.” When I was a player, I was more than a simple player in his eyes and he treated me like one of his own. kids.

“Trahan is an amazing role model who helps create the Old Colony culture to fit a family. The care and love he has for his job is something you won’t see in most managers. sportsmen. Everything revolves around the people around him, [Trahan] always puts others first. “

Nick Hedlund, a Rochester baseball player and 2020 Old Colony graduate, also shared his thoughts on Trahan.

After scoring his 1,001 career points, Jake Jason, left, of Old Colony is hugged by his dad, Jim Jason.  To the right is Jake's proud head coach Matt Trahan.

“Old Colony has been such a different experience, all the teams are supporting each other, the track program is such a big family,” he said. “It starts at the top. Coach Trahan creates that family atmosphere.

“All the athletes and coaches are part of his family. He is passionate about the success of those around him and places their success before his own.

Another 2020 graduate, Jarret Taylor, added: “He’s very emotional on and off the pitch, he takes pride in everything he does and is a great role model for everyone.”

When Trahan is not at the office, he is a father. He can be seen in the Greater New Bedford area spending time with his family. His sons, Jaxson and Hudson, are also great members of the Cougar community. To all Old Colony athletes, they are like the younger brothers.

Old Colony fans hold up photos of their favorite basketball coach, Matt Trahan.

Along with Old Colony football and softball coach Brandon Mendez, Trahan also has a podcast, Breakfast of Champions, which is a talk show in which the two discuss local, national and professional sports, as well as world events.

Overall, Trahan has proven to be more than just a sporting director and more than just a coach for the families who inhabit Old Colony.

Whether it’s running on Friday nights to help prepare for the football game or working hard to make sure everyone has a chance to compete, the student-athletes at this small professional school in the South East of Massachusetts are grateful to have Trahan as the leader of the pack.

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